The Twenty-Nine-Pound Rat Trap by CB Bassity

The Twenty-Nine-Pound Rat Trap by CB Bassity

Living in a farmhouse in New York seems incessantly paradoxical to me. This is a short story about a man living in upstate New York who is bothered by a rat who is simply too slick for his traps. I do enjoy short stories in general, but I acknowledge that they are difficult to pull off. You must build up anticipation, have a solid plot (or part of a juicy plot), and give a good voice in tone all without very much space. This piece was extremely short, so I must acknowledge that it is hard to do all of those things within this frame, however, the piece was simply lacking. There was a bit of build up; I had anticipation on my part to see how the rat would be caught or if there was some moral at the end of the story. It was not horrible, but this piece does seem like one that will stay as a blog entry and not be taken to the next level of publishing or heavy circulation. It was a nice read, but not a great read. Well crafted though. Three stars.


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