I have a problem; and while there is always room for improvement for any writer, this problem requires immediate attention. I can often envision a scenario in my mind vividly but not relay it to the reader as such. I like to think of myself as having short bursts of genius (genius may be giving myself too much credit, but we’ll stick with it); I usually do well with in writing short pieces or taking my time to write them. Many times I simply do not feel like writing. I will have deep and complex ideas and save pieces of them in my phone, yet when it comes to laying them out on the page, I will feel overwhelmed, especially if the assignment is due soon. I like to think of myself as a special kind of procrastinator. I don’t put things off simply because I am being lazy, but rather, because I am waiting for a good time to be able to let my thoughts flow.

I work everyday and take 18 hrs, so my thoughts have become rather cloudy and my “flow” is a bit off. No excuses though. I realize that I am writing “in my head” and must step out of me. I am abstract in thinking, from what I gather from the people I encounter, and I must show my thought process clearly. I need to show the reader “what I mean” or remember to show the story from my perspective because it is not always obvious that I view the story a certain way. I need time and space for my writing. I need to allow myself to step out of myself.


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