Traps by Lee Martin

Traps by Lee Martin

This piece was gorgeous.

On the surface, this piece details a father and son setting up a trap. It delves deeper into their relationship, Martin feeling like he wasn’t what his father wanted, and and identity crises.  I usually hate country or bard yard settings (sorry) but the image of his father losing his hands was subtle yet powerful. The simple images were powerful period. One scene in particular where the author was describing having to assist his father in killing animals pulled on emotional strings but gave you a clear, grave almost in a sense, image. I appreciate all his images and how he portrays them in a clean, effective way. This is something I have to work on. 

The climax was interesting and it read as such a guy story with the way they didn’t talk about what happened and just put it past him. It was so sad how he had to take care of his father and unusual for the average son to be so familiar with their father’s naked body. It showed the love between family; regardless of the abuse he felt from his father, he did what he needed to do for him. And his father wasn’t that bad, just bitter.  He revealed personal and traumatic things beautifully. His perception of his father’s words at the end may be different than the reader’s, but  it leaves you with a thought. Great read. 


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